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Crossfit training clothes, what is important?

CrossFit In recent years, Crossfit has grown to become one of the most popular forms of exercise in Sweden and large parts of the world. It is a high-intensity form of training. The athletes are pushed to the limit in various exercises where the body's natural movement is used. Including weight lifting, gymnastics (pullups, Roman rings), body weight (push-ups, leg bends). Also cardio training which is usually performed in intervals. Since it is a high-intensity form of exercise where you activate the whole body in a series of different exercises, it requires you to have good training clothes that do not restrict your movements. As you may have already guessed, at Relode we offer really good crossfit clothing for both men and women. You will find more information and examples below. Good Crossfit clothing must meet the following requirements We believe that everyone who practices crossfit must have clothing that meets the following requirements. 1. Durable Firstly, your clothes must be very durable as they will be exposed to great stress. As I said, Crossfit is a very varied form of exercise and your clothes should work just as well when you do deadlifts and pullups as when you do an interval workout on the rowing machine. Therefore, choose training clothes made from quality materials with high absorbency. 2. Conscientious The vast majority prefer to train crossfit in tight clothes that are flexible and comfortable. If you have a t-shirt that fits too loosely, there is a risk that it will rub on your body or get in the way when you do certain exercises. Therefore, try to find both pants (tights) and tops that fit your body like a glove. 3. Support Another advantage of using tight-fitting training clothes when doing crossfit is that they offer support for the body. For example, many people want tights with a high waist and some prefer long-sleeved shirts that are tight over the arms and chest. Relode's best crossfit clothing We who work at Relode train a lot and crossfit is a favorite of most people here. Unsurprisingly, we have therefore also created crossfit clothing that we ourselves use and are happy to recommend to anyone interested in crossfit. Of all our clothes, the following three collections are absolutely the best. Slipstream Slipstream Seamless is one of our best selling collections. As the name reveals, these clothes are seamless, which offers optimal comfort and reduced risk of chafing and pressure points. Above all, we recommend the Slipstream tights for crossfit, but also the top. Mercy Mercy is the name of a collection of training clothes that we launched in 2021 and which has already become hugely popular. The quality tops and 3/4 tights are best suited for crossfit, but for those of you who often get cold, we can also recommend a cropped hoodie. Core Core is one of our largest collections of stylish training clothes that offer optimal support. Which is good when doing crossfit. The clothes are available in black, white and two shades of dark green. Core singlet and Core top are excellent all-round garments for all forms of training in crossfit. What is Crossfit? Basically, crossfit is a form of training with the goal of activating and optimizing the body's natural movement patterns, which is why it is sometimes called functional fitness. You simply want to activate the body in the way it is intended, just as our ancestors did. It is one of the most versatile forms of training and one of the reasons why it has become so popular is that you can easily adapt the training to your ability and goals. It is often said that there are as many versions of crossfit as there are practitioners and crossfit trainers. Therefore, we have a vision to offer garments for all forms of training and moments within the sport. Crossfit today has millions of practitioners all over the world and since 2007 the Crossfit Games have been organized every year where the world's best meet in a series of different stages. At the time of writing, Mat Fraser is the world's number one athlete with five Crossfit Games wins under his belt.
Vilka kläder är bäst för yoga? – Relode har svaret! | RELODE.™

What clothes are best for yoga? - Relode has the answer!

Looking for new yoga clothes? Then you are not alone. Yoga as a form of exercise has completely exploded in the Western world during the last decade and today it is estimated that upwards of a million Swedes regularly practice yoga in various ways. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a huge need for good yoga clothing, something we at Relode are determined to meet. We have therefore created a large range of training clothes that are perfect for yoga. We have therefore created this simple guide on what you should consider when looking for new yoga clothes. Flexible Yoga clothes Flexibility and yoga go hand in hand, both in the flexibility of the practitioners and in the clothes they wear. Therefore, make sure to buy yoga clothes with high flexibility and good stretchability. This is certainly the case with most workout clothes today, but perhaps especially important for those who practice yoga. Soft Yoga clothes Abrasions and irritation occur quickly when you sweat and exert yourself, so you want your yoga clothes to be as soft as possible against the skin, preferably without seams (seamless). This is especially important if you do hot yoga or bikram as you naturally sweat more. ATTENTION! Our designers are experts in seamless patterns and we have therefore ensured that several of our collections are 100% seamless. If you haven't tried seamless yoga clothes yet, we highly recommend it! Consistent Your yoga clothes must not only be flexible and soft for optimal comfort, but they must also follow your body in a natural way that does not restrict your movements. Therefore, the vast majority of people prefer tight yoga clothes, clothes with a so-called skin tight design. On the other hand, there are some who prefer slightly looser clothes, but then it is especially important that they are flexible and flexible. Sustainable Many also want yoga clothes that are durable in a double sense, i.e. durable and environmentally friendly. This is something we always keep in mind, which means that all our clothes can withstand use and, in addition, many garments are seamless, which significantly reduces the amount of material used in production. Relode's Mercy collection is superior Because most of us who work at Relode are interested in yoga. Because we only design clothes that we use ourselves. Therefore, a large part of our training clothes are perfectly suited for yoga. Of all our collections, however, there is one that stands out a little extra, namely the Mercy collection . It's a much-loved collection that we recently updated with several new pieces, including one of our best-fitting tops ever. The collection currently consists of yoga pants/tights and crop tops. Mercy yoga pants are available in different designs, including long and three-quarter length. You can find the tops in tight sports bra versions as well as in a looser design. In the collection, you will also find a cropped hoodie that is perfect for lighter yoga sessions, yin yoga and on the way to and from your yoga studio. When it comes to colors, you can choose between light blue, purple, black or gray. Our very latest collection Scrunch Seamless is also suitable for yoga classes of different intensity. The collection is characterized by stylish and well-fitting tops and yoga pants!
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Training tights - that's how you choose the right one

Training tights Training tights are available today in many shapes and colors. Life is full of complicated decisions and the choice of tights – and workout clothes in general – is no exception. As you know, we have a large number of training tights with varying designs and properties. We realize that our wide selection does not make the choice easier for our customers. Because of this, we decided to create a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right training tights. With a few simple tricks and an idea of ​​what you expect from your tights, the decision will be much easier to make. Choice of activity and training form The first thing you need to think about is what you plan to use your training tights for. Different forms of training place different demands on the training clothes, for example a pair of training tights for yoga do not fit so well for running and vice versa. In general, the most important thing is that one's tights follow the body in a natural way and that they do not restrict your mobility. Rather, it facilitates the movements. This way, you can push yourself during each training session. Many also use tights as a "cozy garment" as our training tights are extremely comfortable. If you are one of these people, you should choose training tights entirely based on how comfortable they are to wear, just like when you buy other cozy clothes. Think about fit and model Of course, your personal taste also plays a central role in the choice of training tights. As with all clothing, you want to buy workout clothes that represent your style and highlight your personality. Some prefer dull colors such as black, brown and beige. While others love to wear bright colors before the training sessions. Furthermore, there are both long and short training tights (shorts). We have produced several different collections of training tights and they are all unique in their design. Therefore, we suggest that you spend some time looking through our range, to see which models you like best. In addition, we share our customers' own photos from Instagram. So that you can see how all the garments fit when they are used "for real". Choice of material – seamless or not? Finally, you must also examine the material that the tights are made of. If you train intensively and know that you sweat a lot, you should buy tights in a material that dries quickly. If you want a pair of really comfortable tights, we can also recommend seamless tights. These garments are created without seams, which reduces the risk of chafing and pressure points, and seamless is a more sustainable alternative as less material is used in the manufacturing process. Here at you can find a large number of seamless training tights, but we also offer tights that are not seamless. Nowadays, we also have training tights in a ribbed fabric for increased comfort and more highlighting features. Bonus tip: do you need "squat-proof" training tights? We also want to take the opportunity to highlight so-called squat proof training tights, i.e. training tights that are not see-through so you don't have to show your panties to the whole gym no matter how deep you squat. If you are looking for training tights that are squat-proof, we recommend the Mercy collection .
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Seamless, what are the benefits?

Seamless late start Since the beginning, our goal has been to create durable clothing with incredible comfort. And an important component of this endeavor has been seamless designs. The advantages of seamless are many, from comfort and fit to durability. In the following guide, we have put together a short introduction to seamless clothing and a summary of the main advantages of this type of training clothing. What exactly is seamless? Seamless is called sömlös in Swedish and is actually quite self-explanatory. It is simply clothes without seams. Today, there are a couple of similar manufacturing methods for these textiles. The basic concept for the various methods is that instead of sewing pieces of material together, you knit the material together from the start. There are also methods for 3D printing seamless patterns. In this way, we can create training clothes in one piece and completely avoid the need for seams, for example our collection ( C)implicity . The unique manufacturing process results in clothes with special features regarding fit, durability and design. Fit - always sits in place The absolute number one advantage of seamless workout clothes is the fit. A problem with seams is that they often bulge out in strange places, especially after you have washed them a couple of times. And we all know how frustrating it is when clothes stick out and fold, especially when they're supposed to be tight against the skin. Seamless means that we can create clothes that are truly skin-tight and that allow you to move freely even during intense training sessions. Great material - no chafing Without seams, the clothes are also much more comfortable to wear. You avoid chafing and pressure points - which is otherwise common when you have elastic garments - and you can focus on your training without constantly having to adjust your clothes. We also combine seamless solutions with the very best materials on the market. All our clothes are lightweight and soft against the skin with innovative designs that dry quickly. Fits all body types Elastic, seamless training clothes conform to the shape of the wearer. This means that our clothes fit everyone, regardless of height and weight. We also design our clothes to emphasize your natural body shapes. At the same time, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with training clothes that emphasize one's shapes, and therefore we also offer garments that fit a little more loosely. Sustainable solution – less material and seams A very relevant advantage of seamless is durability. Because you don't use seams and create clothes in one piece instead of several, you don't have to use as much material. Therefore, there is significantly less residual material left after our manufacturing process than when using traditional processes. To top it all off, we only use a fraction of the amount of thread as many of our competitors. Seamless training clothes are therefore a good choice for you but also for the environment and the planet!


Relode - Innovate the process -From UF company to well-established company It all started in the fall of 2014 when three young guys in the second year of the business program decided to start a UF company together. They had recently started working out and taking an interest in various nutritional supplements. To avoid pouring and spilling powder, the idea came to integrate a dosage with powder in a bottle. The idea became a reality and the UF company exceeded expectations. In the spring of 2015, the UF company won the year's product development in Halland and came in second place in Sweden. It was soon time for the UF company to wind down, but they could not let go of the dream of being able to produce a self-designed shaker. In February 2015, they therefore chose to start a limited company. Making your own plastic tools is expensive, but after investment and advice from a business incubator, the dream would become a reality. After months of hard work and many changes later, the shaker went on sale on the website. Unfortunately, they quickly realized that the shaker was not good enough. Despite all the time and work put into the company, they were forced to work on the side to make ends meet. In autumn 2018, Relode exhibited at its first major fair in Stockholm. Sales of shakers were sluggish and customers proved more interested in the limited range of workout clothes that were also on site. In the spring of 2019, they chose to spin on what the customers were interested in; workout clothes. The Classic collection was developed and in April of the same year it was time for new releases. Nervous but excited, they sat watching the sale and could hardly believe their eyes. The orders flew in and the entire collection sold out in a couple of hours! This was the beginning of Relode's great journey. Today Relode is sold via its own e-commerce and also has a couple of large retailers around the Nordics such as Aminopörssi, Nelly, Proteinbolaget and Gymgrossisten. Relode aims high and today has customers in over 40 countries and continuously expands the range with high-quality training clothes! ATHLETE CLUB You as a customer can also become a member of our customer club - Athlete Club . Here you get access to new releases before everyone else. In Athlete Club there are also exclusive offers and competitions. Collect points on all your purchases and exchange them for discounts, free shipping or clothing. Athlete Club is completely free of charge.