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Relode - Innovate the process

-From UF company to well-established company

It all started in the fall of 2014 when three young guys in the second year of the business program decided to start a UF company together. They had recently started working out and taking an interest in various nutritional supplements. To avoid pouring and spilling powder, the idea came to integrate a dosage with powder in a bottle. The idea became a reality and the UF company exceeded expectations. In the spring of 2015, the UF company won the year's product development in Halland and came in second place in Sweden.

It was soon time for the UF company to wind down, but they could not let go of the dream of being able to produce a self-designed shaker. In February 2015, they therefore chose to start a limited company. Making your own plastic tools is expensive, but after investment and advice from a business incubator, the dream would become a reality. After months of hard work and many changes later, the shaker went on sale on the website. Unfortunately, they quickly realized that the shaker was not good enough. Despite all the time and work put into the company, they were forced to work on the side to make ends meet.

In autumn 2018, Relode exhibited at its first major fair in Stockholm. Sales of shakers were sluggish and customers proved more interested in the limited range of workout clothes that were also on site. In the spring of 2019, they chose to spin on what the customers were interested in; workout clothes. The Classic collection was developed and in April of the same year it was time for new releases. Nervous but excited, they sat watching the sale and could hardly believe their eyes. The orders flew in and the entire collection sold out in a couple of hours! This was the beginning of Relode's great journey.

Today Relode is sold via its own e-commerce and also has a couple of large retailers around the Nordics such as Aminopörssi, Nelly, Proteinbolaget and Gymgrossisten. Relode aims high and today has customers in over 40 countries and continuously expands the range with high-quality training clothes!


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