Last updated 24 October 2023

Cookie policy

The website,, uses cookies. This policy states what they are used for and how they can be deleted.

To get the best experience, we recommend that you accept all types of cookies. However, you can always change and update your preferences and settings from this page.

§ 1. Definition

Cookies are small text files with information that are automatically saved on a website

user's device. Cookies are widely used to improve

the user experience of a website visitor.

There are two different types of cookies, timed and session cookies.

Timed cookies are saved for a longer period of time and remain between times

a user visits the website. Session cookies are only saved for the time being

as the website is used, they are thus deleted when the website/browser is closed


§ 2. Use of cookies

We use both time-limited cookies and session cookies.

a) Time-limited cookies

The following information is saved in the form of time-limited cookies:




User name

The use of time-limited cookies takes place for the following purposes:

RELODES web platform uses cookies for basic functionality

on the website must work, for example when logging in, in the checkout and in the shopping cart.

These do not store any personal data about you and cannot be turned off.

b) Session cookies

The following information is saved in session cookies:

What was added to the shopping cart,



Session cookies are used for the following purposes:

We use session cookies to improve the user experience. by

save the selected language, they do not need to be selected again several times. Your shopping cart is saved

also so that you don't have to add products at each visit. m you do not approve

these cookies, the website does not remember your visit and will not

enable us to monitor and optimize site performance. All information that

generated via these cookies is comprehensive and anonymized.

c) Third party cookies

We use third-party cookies as follows:


Cookies used in advertising and marketing. With the help of our

partners communicate products, prices and offers like we do

find relevant to you, even when you later visit other websites. Without

these cookies will not display advertisements when you visit other web pages

be personally adapted to the same extent.

§ 3. Consent

a) Obtain consent

When a cookie is to be classified as personal data, a consent must be obtained from

the site's users before it can be used. The consent must be informative

and clearly so that all users understand the meaning of it.

We obtain consent in the following ways:

Consent is obtained directly on the website via an information box about cookies.

The user accepts cookies by clicking "Accept".

b) The period of validity of the consent

Consent to the use of cookies is valid for three months.

Once this period has passed, new consent must be obtained for continued use

of cookies.

c) Withdraw consent

A user who has given their consent can withdraw it at any time according to


Consent can be withdrawn on our website here or by contacting our customer service.

d) The right to have their personal data deleted

When consent has been withdrawn, the user can, if desired, also request that their information be deleted from all of the website's servers. This is done via e-mail sent to or here .

Cookie settings in the browser

You can always change your settings directly in your browser. Here you can also delete saved cookies from your device.

If you have chosen to block cookies in your browser, the functionality and performance of our websites may deteriorate because some functions are dependent on cookies. Blocking cookies can therefore mean that the website does not function as it should.

Here you will find information about cookie settings in some of the most common browsers:

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You can also see our privacy policy here .