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What clothes are best for yoga? - Relode has the answer!

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Yoga clothes

Looking for new yoga clothes? Then you are not alone. Yoga as a form of exercise has completely exploded in the Western world during the last decade and today it is estimated that upwards of a million Swedes regularly practice yoga in various ways.

Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in a huge need for good yoga clothing, something we at Relode are determined to meet. We have therefore created a large range of training clothes that are perfect for yoga. We have therefore created this simple guide on what you should consider when looking for new yoga clothes.

Flexible Yoga clothes

Flexibility and yoga go hand in hand, both in the flexibility of the practitioners and in the clothes they wear. Therefore, make sure to buy yoga clothes with high flexibility and good stretchability. This is certainly the case with most workout clothes today, but perhaps especially important for those who practice yoga.

Soft Yoga clothes

Abrasions and irritation occur quickly when you sweat and exert yourself, so you want your yoga clothes to be as soft as possible against the skin, preferably without seams (seamless). This is especially important if you do hot yoga or bikram as you naturally sweat more.

ATTENTION! Our designers are experts in seamless patterns and we have therefore ensured that several of our collections are 100% seamless. If you haven't tried seamless yoga clothes yet, we highly recommend it!


Your yoga clothes must not only be flexible and soft for optimal comfort, but they must also follow your body in a natural way that does not restrict your movements. Therefore, the vast majority of people prefer tight yoga clothes, clothes with a so-called skin tight design. On the other hand, there are some who prefer slightly looser clothes, but then it is especially important that they are flexible and flexible.


Many also want yoga clothes that are durable in a double sense, i.e. durable and environmentally friendly. This is something we always keep in mind, which means that all our clothes can withstand use and, in addition, many garments are seamless, which significantly reduces the amount of material used in production.

Relode's Mercy collection is superior

Because most of us who work at Relode are interested in yoga. Because we only design clothes that we use ourselves. Therefore, a large part of our training clothes are perfectly suited for yoga.

Of all our collections, however, there is one that stands out a little extra, namely the Mercy collection . It's a much-loved collection that we recently updated with several new pieces, including one of our best-fitting tops ever.

The collection currently consists of yoga pants/tights and crop tops. Mercy yoga pants are available in different designs, including long and three-quarter length. You can find the tops in tight sports bra versions as well as in a looser design. In the collection, you will also find a cropped hoodie that is perfect for lighter yoga sessions, yin yoga and on the way to and from your yoga studio. When it comes to colors, you can choose between light blue, purple, black or gray.

Our very latest collection Scrunch Seamless is also suitable for yoga classes of different intensity. The collection is characterized by stylish and well-fitting tops and yoga pants!